Cuzco Ruins Markets Walking Tour

Cuzco Ruins Markets Walking Tour

Duration: 4 hours

Starting point:
Plaza Regocijo – 08000 – Cusco – PE
Central Fountain Of Plaza Regocijo. (One block from Main Square).

End point: Santo Domingo Convent – Qorikancha temple. Plazoleta de Santo Domingo s/n Cusco


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About the activity:

Kick off your historical Cusco tour with a visit to the San Pedro market, one of the highest marketplaces on the planet. Talk about starting the morning on top of the world!

Learn about the market’s history as you explore rows of local produce, colourful fabrics, flower vendors, shaman stalls, and loud juice makers in the company of your English-speaking guide. There is the opportunity to try out a few local words as you purchase snacks for later in the day. Be ready for some entertaining local interaction!

Leave the unforgettable smells and flavours of the Cusco market and walk to the main Plaza of Cusco, the Plaza de Armas, where we depart by public transportation to explore the Temple of the Moon, located on the outskirts of Cusco.

This impressive and mysterious temple is a hill with two caves inside of it. The caves contain altars, and cracks in the walls let in sunlight or, more significantly, moonlight that strikes the altars on certain nights. There are also mystery carvings in the caves and atop the hill, see if you can figure out the story they tell. You’ll also get to see the mind-boggling carvings of, well, no one knows! Maybe a woolly mammoth, maybe a mastodon, creatures that haven’t existed in these parts for over ten thousand years.

To finish the tour, we’ll walk back to Cusco, which will take us about half an hour. We’ll descend back to the city via Inca streets, learning about theories and legends of the Inca Empire along the way. We’ll meander through the bohemian area of San Blas before arriving at the Santo Domingo Convent and Qorikancha temple (optional visit), where your Cusco tour will come to a close.